If your business’s vat taxable turnover exceeds the vat registration threshold you must register for vat and file vat returns to HMRC. Whether you have been trading for a while or are a new start up we can help monitor your taxable turnover so if you exceed or expect to exceed the threshold we can register you from the effective date.

There are different vat schemes provided by HMRC that are available for you to join provided that you are eligible and your vat reporting has been identified as one which would benefit from such scheme. The vat scheme you are on will affect how often you will need to file returns to HMRC and how much bookkeeping is required.

Late vat registrations, late submissions, late payments and errors can all lead to penalties. We will provide vat services that will ensure that your vat affairs are being dealt with efficiently and effectively. To assist in completion of vat returns we offer to complete the bookkeeping on behalf of the client and complete the return with the various documents provided or alternatively we will complete and file the return based on the figures provided from your bookkeeping. We have sound experience in various accounting software packages and will choose the appropriate software which is best suited to your company.

We will also ensure that your business is compliant with the latest government legislation in Making Tax Digital. We deal with all of the associated administration and utilise the latest accounting software to allow your vat return to be submitted to HMRC.

As part of our services we will also deal with any disputes that arise with HMRC, attend vat inspections and liase with the Vat inspectors through to conclusion.